Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FIB Exercise May 9

Read the paragraph and fill the blanks with words given below.

For once, the top line in the agenda for Hillary Clinton's just-concluded visit to India wasn't Pakistan or Afghanistan or even terrorism but the Obama administration's obsessive compulsive desire to __(1)__ Iran and all those who do not back its __(2)__ approach to resolving the Iranian nuclear question. Put simply, New Delhi is being asked to __(3)___ its own economic and strategic interests by cutting back on oil imports and other commercial transactions with Tehran in order to comply with extra-territorial sanctions that have no basis in international law. As things stand, India is fully in __(4)___ with trading restrictions imposed by the United Nations Security Council on Iran following the latter's refusal to suspend its uranium __(5)___ programme. But the U.N. sanctions do not cover Iranian crude exports, something the U.S. has now tried to target by threatening Tehran's biggest customers. India has resisted, but the government has not done enough to solve the financial, transportation and insurance problems that the American __(6)__ have created for Indian refiners. The Prime Minister can have the satisfaction of telling Ms Clinton that India's energy ties are guided by its national interest. The emerging numbers on Indian oil imports from Iran, however, tell another story.

Choose the words from this list: A) Compliance, B) turn the screws on, C) confrontational,      D) threats, E) enrichment, F) undermine

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