Monday, May 21, 2012

Cloze Test May 21, 2012

Read the paragraph carefully and then identify which word has been replaced from which blank. The list of words has been provided below.

After years of economic pain, Americans remain an optimistic lot, though they define the American dream not in terms of __1__ and luxury cars but as something more __2__ — a home, a college degree, financial security and enough left over for a few extras like dining out, according to a study by the Pew Center on the States’ Economic Mobility Project. That financial security usually requires a steady full-time job with benefits, something that has become __3__ to find, particularly for men and for those without a college degree. While women continue to make _4__ into prestigious, high-wage professions dominated by men, more men are reaching for the dream in __5__ occupations that their fathers might never have considered.

Choose from: A) basic, B)  female-dominated, C) mansions, D) harder, E) inroads

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