Monday, May 14, 2012

FIB Exercise May 14 2012

Read the paragraph carefully to fill the blanks. Choose from the words given below.

Confining renowned figures within the walls of idol worship, removing them from any real public engagement, __1__ them to heavily garlanded histories no one can question or think deeply about, are __2__ of an authoritarian __3__ rather than a vibrant democracy. It's related to the desire to shield current politicians from criticism - witness Mamata Banerjee's ___4__ response to a harmless cartoon recently. Indians are famously argumentative, with long histories of radical thought and free speech. Today, when they're surrounded by 24-hour media and global communications, trying to curb free thought is __5__. For those politicians trying it - the joke is only on them.

Choose the words from this list: A) Bullying B) Hallmarks  C) Relegating  D) Regime E) Ludicrous

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