Monday, May 28, 2012

Cloze Test May 28, 2012

Read the paragraph carefully and then identify which word has been replaced from which blank. The list of words has been provided below.

Perhaps the saddest thing was that he had also lost his focus in the courtroom. Where he would once __1__ all those present with an __2__ and airtight closing argument, he now __3__ on for hours, __4__ about obscure cases that had little or no bearing on the matter before the Court. Where once he would react gracefully to the objections of opposing counsel, he now displayed a biting __5__ that severely tested the patience of judges, who had earlier viewed him as a legal genius. Simply put, Julian's spark of life had begun to __6__

Choose from: A) flicker B) eloquent C) dazzle D) droned E) rambling F) sarcasm.

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