Friday, May 11, 2012

FIB Exercise May 11

Read the paragraph and fill the blanks with words given below.

For the master of the Urdu short story this was not a value judgment. It was a statement of what he had come to believe after keen observation and extended introspection. Shaken by the ___(1)__ of the decision to break up the unity of the subcontinent, Manto wondered if people who only recently were friends, neighbours and __2___ had lost all sense of their humanity. He too was a human being, ‘the same human being who raped mankind, who indulged in killing' and had ‘all those weaknesses and qualities that other human beings have.' Yet human ___3___, however pervasive and ___4___, could not kill all sense of humanity. With faith in that kind of humanity, Manto wrote ___5___ short stories about the human tragedy of 1947 that are internationally acknowledged for representing the __6__ of displaced and terrorised humanity with exemplary impartiality and ___7___.

Choose the words from this list: A) Compatriots   B)  deplorable   C) repercussions  D) riveting   E) empathy   F) depravity   G)  plight

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