Monday, April 16, 2012

Preposition Exercise Apr 16

Fill the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Choose from the list below.

The detention ___1__ actor Shah Rukh Khan __2__ about two hours __3__ immigration officials __4__ a United States airport has resulted __5__ considerable public outrage in India. It is important to separate the emotional chaff __6__ the dispassionate grain when dealing __7__ this issue. Inflamed hyper-nationalistic reaction — reflected in retributory calls __8__ similar treatment meted out to visiting U.S. celebrities – has no place in any level-headed discussion. At the same time, Washington's attempt to clear the air __9__ issuing a qualified apology falls far short of addressing why such “travel-related issues” keep cropping up intermittently. This is second time that Mr. Khan has been detained __10__ an American airport because of his name.

Choose from: in, at, for, from, with, by, of, on

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