Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FIB Exercise Apr 18 2012

Instruction: Fill the blanks by choosing words from the list given below.
1. These are _1_ times for federal workers, with pay freezes and the prospect of _2_cutbacks at year-end.
2. This legacy is of __3__ importance.
3. The conviction with which the seller sells the lie is matched only by the __4__ of the buyer.
4. We all know perfectly well that whether it’s SP or BSP, nothing will change. India’s biggest state will __5__ along as it has always done.
5. Republicans, they note, are busy __6___ the president as a job-killing tax-hiker for proposing to have a subset of millionaires pay more.
6. The first is the degree to which he favors incremental __7____ over bold experimentation.
7. Now with 100 days to go before the Olympic Games begin in London on July 27, the city is already geared up to becoming the __8___ of the world's gaze.

Choose from: limp, cynosure, denouncing, credulity, paramount, massive, pragmatism, grim

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