Friday, April 20, 2012

FIB Exercise Apr 20

Instruction: Fill the blanks by choosing words from the list given below.
1. It has to cope with __1__ territorial and maritime disputes, harmful historical legacies that weigh down all important interstate relationships, increasingly __2__ nationalism, and sharpening competition over resources like water and energy whose shor-tages will increasingly __3_ on the Asian growth story.
2. The wars in Asia in the second half of the 20th century did not resolve matters and have only ___4___ bitter rivalries.
3. Militarily, China is in no position to grab the territories it __5_ , although its defence spending has grown almost twice as fast as its GDP.
4. This custom extending from poor farmer to rich businessman, the __6__ against even unborn girls runs high.
5. They harm the cause of Muslims while ___7__ as their protectors.
6. The ___8__ heat makes man, machine and everything in between do strange things.
7. The key to our ___9__ success lies in the fact that we realized the changing nature of our clientele and adapted ourselves to it.
8. The unaided private schools are conceding the point that the quality of education in state schools is hampered by __10__ of funds.

Choose from : infernal, masquerading, ire, paucity, stupendous, fervent, entrenched, covets, impinge, accentuated

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