Monday, April 16, 2012

Fill in the Blanks: Exercise Apr 16

Instruction: Fill the blanks by choosing words from the list given below.
1. This latest shocker comes on the back of a series of similar _____ actions that Mamata has now made her stock-in-trade to _____ her adversaries, real or imaginary.
2. Such erratic and ______ functioning has lent ______ to the charge that TMC is more 'left' than the Left Front.
3. My husband was ________ for a promotion as i had used a low-end detergent that left his shirt less white than his rival's.
4. So, while we know that the economy is slowing, it is difficult to _____ the extent of slowdown from the existing data.
5.It is important to separate the emotional _____ from the dispassionate grain when dealing with this issue.

a) superseded b) muzzle c) whimsical d) chaff e) vengeful f) gauge g) credence

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