Friday, June 8, 2012

Cloze Test June 8, 2012

Read the paragraph carefully and then identify which word has been replaced from which blank. The list of words has been provided below.

Sugata believes that one must master one's mother tongue and appreciate its __1__, alongside English, which, by its reach, is a window to the world of knowledge. The __2__ of knowledge and the negotiation of realities, imagined and temporal, can happen best in the initial stages in a natal cultural environment. The possibility of understanding the scientific world of the West increases if there is an organic identification with and knowledge of one's __3__ knowledge base. The author observes: “I have referred to the native and the wider world. They automatically imply the local and the universal. Again, these are not mutually __4__ domains. The local also contains an __5__ universal in it and to constantly point out that out is one of the intentions of this book. The local not only looks intently at its own details, but also looks up at the broad sweep and __6__ of the sky. Therefore, we need to consider the conceptual prospects of two universals. One vision of the universal is obtained by curating commonalities; another grows organically from the particular.''

Choose from:  A) enlightened B) exclusive C) subtleties D) expanse E) indigenous F) acquisition

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